The Nutrients Needed by New-Born Babies

In order to maintain the normal growth of the body, new-born babies need balanced and moderate nutrients each day. Generally speaking, they need protein, coco reborn anuk amazon fat, mineral substances, vitamins and so on.

Mineral substances, macro elements and trace elements are rather essential for new-born babies to keep normal development. These nutrients mainly include sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. Common salt contains the essential sodium needed by the human body. During the period of lactation, babies should not eat salty foods. However, it does not mean that babies do not need sodium. It is also necessary for babies to supplement moderate sodium. Potassium can be supplemented by drinking the dairy products. The sources of supplementing calcium for babies are rather diverse, including breast milk and dairy products. 50% to 70% of calcium contained in breast milk can be absorbed in the intestinal tract of the babies. But the absorption of calcium contained in dairy products is much lower. Therefore, mothers should raise their babies with breast milk as fat as possible. It is easy for babies to absorb phosphorus in everyday life, so babies usually will not lack phosphorus.

Various kinds of vitamins are also necessary for babies to maintain the life activities. Generally speaking, new-born babies do not lack vitamins. However, if expectant mothers lack vitamins during the pregnancy, the fetuses will also lack vitamins like vitamin D and vitamin E and folic acid. If mothers always raise babies with breast milk, it is probably for the babies to lack vitamin K. At the same time, parents should avoid supplementing excessive vitamins for babies, as the excessive supplementation can also endanger the health of the babies. For example, the excessive supplementation of vitamin A can cause the poisoning inside the body.

The amino acids needed by the babies include lysine, arginine, leucine, isoleucine, valinum, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine and tryptophane. Parents should supplement these nine kinds of amino acid for their babies each day. It is also important for babies to supplement fat. The content of fat contained in breast milk and the dairy products can not meet the demand of fat needed by the babies. Except amino acid and fat, protein, sugar and heat energy should also be provided for the babies at the same time.

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