Flirting With Women – Best Secrets Most Men Will Never Know

Flirting with women can seem very easy to most men. They are wrong. If you don’t know how to really flirt, women may find you unattractive and boring. Discover three secrets to flirting most men will never know.

Whenever a man is asked about flirting with women, he seems pretty confident and looks like he can handle talking to any woman.

The truth is that flirting remains one of the eras most neglected by men, yet it is so crucial and many fall prey to not mastering it.

The first secret to flirting and probably the most neglected one is that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.
This is probably the most important advice about women and flirting you will ever read.

Many men are searching the internet for the latest pickup lines, jokes, stories to tell women, yet they forget totally about the most essential mean of communication, their bodies.

Did you know that more that ninety percent of communication is made through your body language and voice tone?

Unfortunately, when flirting, most men will only deal with the less important era, the “what”.

Whenever flirting with a woman, pay huge Niteflirtsignin to your body posture.

Do you lean in?

Do you lean backward a lot?

Do you look down when talking to women?

Do you look away whenever she looks at you?


The second secret to flirting is stay away from laughing at your own jokes
This may seem to many a ridiculous advice; however, it will make a huge impression on women and will make you unbelievably funny if you apply it.

Women love a funny guy; it’s even the first thing women look for in a guy.

If you are funny with woman, she will ignore your physical appearance, dressing style, height, wealth….

Women go crazy for a funny guy.

And the real secret to being funny is to always seem indifferent and not caring about the outcome of your jokes or humor.

You can achieve this easily by stop laughing at your own jokes.

Have you ever watched a very funny show?

Did you see the main character laugh at his own jokes?

Your answer is NO.

A great comedian will never fall into this trap.

You have to take flirting very seriously, whenever you are having fun with a woman, try to stay away from laughing at your own jokes or humor.

When you tell something funny, stop and look at the women in a daring way.

She will love it and go hysteric about you.

The third secret to flirting is to never ask a woman for her opinion about you
I’ve seen this mistake made thousands of times.

A guy will see that a woman is having fun with him and enjoying herself, so he takes the opportunity to ruin everything.

“Do you like guys like me?”

“What’s your type of men?”

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