The Sluggish Economy Has Not Changed The Outlook On 2021 XRP Price

With the total market cap of all cryptocurrencies now exceeding $1 trillion, Ripple‘s price is also rising as it recovers from a Christmas week crash.

About Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is actually a real-time gross settlement system (RTGS) developed by the Ripple company. It is also referred to as the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP) or even Ripple protocol. It is able to trace the roots of its to 2004 when a web developer called Ryan Fugger had the idea to create a monetary system that was decentralised and could effectively allow individuals to produce the own cash of theirs.

You will find some things though that affect the cost of XRP as liquidity, intraday volume, and whether it’s bought or sold during the week. All these factors are going to affect the price you are able to expect to make from trading in XRP.

Ripple In the News

The Ripple XRP news aggregators are actually overflowing with stories as of late. Ripple is actually entwined with central banks and government commodity prices, international trade, stock markets, global economics, and central banks , government spending, and inflation.

Ripple’s objectives and its very own financial reality have compelled it to actively seek to offer and sell XRP as widely as possible, while controlling demand and supply in the resale market to manage and control liquidity for an imagined, future “use” case.

Several exchanges delisted or even halted trading of XRP after the lawsuit was revealed.

At the end of 2020, Ripple hit back at the SEC, accusing the agency of creating more uncertainty due to the “dangerous lack of regulatory clarity for crypto in the U.S.” The company blasted the lawsuit, saying it affected “countless innocent XRP retail holders with no connection to Ripple.”

The SEC is actually taking the stance that Ripple engaged in this illegal securities offering from 2013 to the present, even though Ripple received legal advice as early as 2012 that under certain circumstances XRP could be considered an “investment contract” and therefore a security under the federal securities laws.

Given Ripple’s prominent business relationships and XRP’s market capitalization, the SEC’s case could have far-reaching implications. A flurry of moves by players in the crypto ecosystem since last week is indicative of the case’s seriousness. Buyer – and investor – beware.

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