Flushes Gone Wild – Can’t Beat the Dealer With a Poker Hand? Beat ’em With More Flush Cards

Flushes Gone Wild is a casino table game where players do not have to understand any poker hand rankings to play. It is very easy to learn. As long as you can count and know the difference between the four suits: Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades, situs online judi good to go.

About Flushes Gone Wild

This poker game is played with a standard 52 card deck and a house dealer.The only rank while playing is the amount of cards with the same suit in one hand. Any hand with two or more cards of the same suit are flush cards. If two or more hands have the same number of flush cards, then the ranks of the individual cards shall determine the higher hand.

Aces are always high, and all Deuces are Wild. A Deuce of any suit counts as a flush card in both the player and dealer hands. The objective for the player is to have a higher amount of flush cards than the dealer in order to win.

How to Play

Players must first make an Ante and Blind wager of equal amounts. An optional Flush Rush wager may also be made. The player and dealer each receive five cards face down. Two Community Cards are also dealt face down in the center of the table which can be used by the player and dealer to complete their flush hands.

After the player examines his or her cards, one of two decisions must be made:

Fold, forfeiting all wagers
Make a Play wager at two times the Ante.
The players with then make their best flush hands. After all the players have acted, the dealer will then reveal his or her cards and the community cards. The winning pay table is determined by the margin of victory between player and dealer hands. For example: If the player has a four card flush and the dealer has a two card flush, then the margin of victory for the player is 2. The Ante and Play bets pay even money, while the Blind wager pays according to the margin of victory table as follows:
Blind Pay Table

If the margin of victory is:

5 pays 200/1
4 25/1
3 5/1
2 3/1
1 or 0. Push
The house edge for the Ante and Blind wagers is calculated at about 3.7%.
Optional Flush Rush

7 card natural. pays 250/1
7 card wild. 100/1
6 card natural 50/1
6 card wild 10/1
5 card natural 6/1
4 card natural 1/1
All other loss
If the Flush Rush bet is made, the house edge jumps to about 8.6%.
The following simple strategy is recommended for this game:

Play all hands that include at least a three card flush and/or at least one deuce.
Play if a two card flush has at least a Queen high.

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